William Seward House

Local gem in Small Town USA

Hidden away in central New York is a site dripping in political manipulation and historical enlightenment. Although a marginal figure in American history, William Seward’s mansion in Auburn, New York, transports visitors into the story of a life that epitomizes an historic house tour. Seward is known for his “folly” purchasing Alaska from Russia, but do you know his connection to the Underground Railroad as well as the success of Harriet Tubman? Do you know the gruesome story of an assassination attempt on his life that took place simultaneously to the attack on Abraham Lincoln? The back-story behind our 24th Secretary of State’s life is highlighted by the moving account of his daughter’s death as well as his wall of famous faces, both integral points of the tour. His burial is not far away, in a charming, hilly cemetery where he is not alone in his fame, thanks to the presence of Harriet Tubman’s headstone, where remembrances honoring her heroism are ever present. Immerse yourself in a life less-known, a man that played an integral role in our nation’s history. A man who steered the country through the Civil War, the beginning of reconstruction, and secured valuable land and resources. He definitely deserves a spot on your next itinerary as you travel across New York State. Auburn, New York, a short drive off of interstate 90, is the personification of Small Town USA. But unfortunately this is an example of a place where hidden gems are left unvisited. When you finish your tour, consider visiting the Auburn Prison, Harriet Tubman NHP, or possibly Prison City Pub and Brewery, where you will have the craft brewing experience of your dreams.

Why No Excuses

My wife and I hear people saying that they can’t travel because they have children. Many excuses are mentioned – spending the money, time, kids’ sleep schedule, food preferences, rowdy behavior, will it be entertaining enough, etc. Every trip can be tailored to minimize, although not eliminate, these excuses by adapting the experiences to the children’s ages, likes, routine. This blog is intended to inspire parents to take their children on adventures and experiences that will shape their concept of the world around them. Our goal is to inspire families to spend time together traveling and leave the excuses behind, creating memorable moments and quality experiences together.